Our breeder network consists of small breeders that breed their birds with Love and Attention. We do not use commercial breeders, therefore our birds overall have better Longevity, Disposition, Color and Personality. Our birds consist of small Finches to Conures, and everything in between. 


 Need  a Veterinarian for your bird we suggest

 Dr. Griffin at Griffin Exotics in Kannapolis, or Dr. Rutowski at Animal Care Hospital in Matthews.  


You may also call

us for  bird questions,

we are very knowledgeable. 

We have the best type of seed and a full wall of accessories to fill and entertain your winged friends. We carry Sunseed bird food. It is one of the freshest bird food on the market and does not sit in a warehouse for long periods of time.

We have a great selection of small-medium bird cages and periodically have standing flight cages.

Current Selection

  • Assorted Parakeets 

  • Pineapple Green Cheek Conure 

  • Baby Gray Cockatiel 

  • Zebra Finches

  • Male-Singing Red Factor Canary

  • White Ringneck Doves (Sold-Out)

  • Indian Spice Finches (Sold-Out)

  • Lady Gouldian Finches (Sold Out)

  • Yellow Canary (Sold-Out)

  • Lutino Cockatiel (Sold-Out)

  • Quaker Parrot (Sold Out)

  • Society Finches (Sold Out)

  • Love Birds (Sold Out)


Updated 7/09

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