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Smiegal is Last Place on Earth's official Mascot. We have had her since 2003 when she was just 4 weeks of age. After tireless hours of mixing formula in syringes for several months, 16 years later Smiegal has taught us a different level of patience. She is extremely intelligent because of everything she has experienced, and has so much more life to live. She has been to YMCAs, schools, and even been on the news. Come on in and meet the infamous Smiegal

Light Rail Construction

Construction for the LYNX Blue Line Extension began in the summer of 2013 when our front parking lot was taken from us in order to widen North Tryon Street. The Light Rail is set to start running in the Spring of 2018. We are less than a half-mile walk from the Old Concord Road station.


Last Place on Earth had the opportunity in 2015 to appear on Charlotte Today with Colleen Odegaard and Paul Schadt. We brought Pet Rats, Ivy our Bearded Dragon, a Guinea Pig, Parakeets, and a Baby Ball Python. 

We are thankful for our customers & guests

Radio Show with a Rosehair Tarantula


Elementary School with Macaw, Boa, and Monitor

Elementary School with Ferret, Boa, Python, and Conure 

School 22
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