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  • Need your snake probed properly? Please call to make an appointment.

  • We trim bearded dragon nails and some other types of lizards with an electronic nail filer and/or nail clippers.


  • We offer special orders (fish & tanks) and even free water samples

  • We also offer great advice for starting up tanks, water chemistry, fish compatibility, and much more. Come on in and have a conversation with us!

Small Animals
  • Need your ferret, bunny, or guinea pigs nails clipped? Please call to make an appointment.

  • We sell 5-way and 9-way vaccinations for puppies

    • We do not administer shots

    • Univac-5 & Univac-9 (1st and 2nd shots)

  • We sell canine and feline dewormer

    • 8in1 Safeguard

    • Tape, Round, Hook, and Whip worms

  • Need a veterinarian? Try  Brookdale Animal Hospital off Plaza Rd. Ext.-Tell them we sent you! 

  • Unlike some other pet stores, we will take the time to set up a new bird cage for you, or hamster cage, etc.

  • You will not get the same hands on experience at other pet stores that you get at Last Place on Earth

  • Customer service is first priority at Last Place on Earth

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