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About us

We want to thank all of our customers. We would not be here without YOU!

Last Place on Earth has been in business since 1981. About a decade later the business was sold to the father of the current owner. There were quite a few small, family-owned pet shops back in the 1980's and 1990's, unlike how it is nowadays. We are proud to be the last standing, original, family-owned pet store in the greater Charlotte area. It's not as glitzy as PetSmart or Petco, but the selection of animals is comparable, if not better, at Last Place on Earth.

We must be doing something right!

1990's front



Great article from August 2016 by the Washington Post about Charlotte's newest light-rail addition. Features a few thoughts from the owner of Last Place on Earth and many other small businesses in the nearby area affected by the construction. 
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