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Fish Section

We have over 130 aquariums full of FRESHWATER Fish, a 60 gallon live plant unit, and an 8' x 3' indoor pond. This includes a large variety of community, semi-aggressive, goldfish & koi, livebearers, bottom feeders, cichlids, bettas, feeder fish, indoor & outdoor plants, and others.


New fish arrive every Wednesday! We are proudly supplied by Carolina Aquatics, who bought Blue Ridge Fish in July of 2017.


You Will Only Find the Top Brands and Highest Quality Products in our store including a full line of Seachem products.

Need a durable pond liner that will last for 30 years? We can order one for you in various sizes. 


R-O and Salt Pre Mix water is available by the gallon. We use 4 stage filtration for our Reverse Osmosis water. 


We offer free water testing, special orders and lots more.

Pond (Old & New)

2009 Interior72
2009 Interior45
2009 Interior44
2009 Interior50
2009 Interior42
2009 Interior45
2009 Interior54
2009 Interior48



Community & Livebearers

Our community fish section offers the largest selection of color for your tank and consists of many different tetras from neon and painted glass to black skirt and serpae tetras, and everything in between. In total there are about 20 ten gallon tanks full of different community fish for your tropical tank. We also proudly sell GloFish tetras and danios. Our livebearers consist of assorted plattys, swordtails, mollies, and fancy guppies (male & female). It is possible to mix community fish with semi-aggressive fish if your aquarium has enough space for them to swim peacefully meaning at minimum 55-75 gallons for better chances of compatibility.


We have a nice variety of regular gouramis in different sizes and colors. You may also find dwarf gouramis here on occasion. There are also about 8 ten gallon aquariums of different kinds of barbs from tiger barbs to tin-foil barbs and everything in between. We have different sized angel fish in an assortment including veil, marble, koi, and others. Our freshwater sharks include columbian, bala, iridescent, rainbow, red-tail, and black sharks. Other semi-aggressive fish include various ram cichlids, ropefish, silver dollars, and more!

Goldfish & Koi

Come in and see our custom built koi pond holding roughy 350 gallons and stocked with beautiful koi ranging from 5-12+ inches. Our larger koi come from a local, passionate koi breeder that we have been dealing with on a seasonal basis for several years now! You will not find Koi of this quality, size, price and care in Charlotte at any other pet shop. Our smaller koi (2-4") and goldfish come from Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery, America's largest & longest-running Koi & Goldfish farm. We have many different types of goldfish from black moores and orandas to calico fantails and shubunkin comets.

Cichlids & Aggressive 

Cichlids and aggressive fish can be extremely rewarding because of their vibrant flashing colors and interesting behavior, but are not suggested for a smaller tank or beginner fish keeper because of their territorial demeanor. We regularly stock smaller african, central american, south america, and indo-pacific cichlids. African Cichlids offer the absolute most color as we keep a large variety of 2" and 3" africans in separate 40 gallon tanks. We only receive much larger cichlids (5+ inches) by trades and donations from the public so they are not always in stock.

Feeder Fish

We stock feeder guppies, rosey reds (minnows), feeder goldfish, and ghost shrimp. New feeders arrive every Wednesday along with our fish stock. Ghost shrimp are sold individually and are not available on a weekly basis. All other feeder fish are sold in quantities of 10. Crayfish are also available periodically as a feeder for much larger fish. 

Bottom Feeders

Bottom feeders can be a great addition but not all bottom feeders are compatible in certain sized tanks or with certain fish, so we offer a large variety for all sizes of tanks and types of fish. We stock normal florida plecostomus' starting around 3 inches up to over 1 foot! We also have chinese algae eaters for smaller tanks and periodically bristlenose, rubberlip, and clown plecos. We have smaller catfish such as cory and banjo cats for smaller tanks. There are medium sized catfish such as various synodontis and upside down cats. Our larger catfish include channel, red-tail, sun, tiger shovelnose, etc. Snails, loaches & botia, crayfish, and shrimp are also great options that we offer.


Are your fish getting too big for your tank? No problem, call us and see if we have room to take them in. Petsmarts and Petcos frequently send people our way for this service that they do not offer.

Ask us about ordering a pond liner for you.

We proudly use Seachem freshwater products and recognize Seachem as a premiere fish brand.


We have a large selection of Male Bettas with the vast majority being the normal, veil-tail type. Other kinds of Male Bettas we have are more expensive and on a more limited supply including: round-tail, crown-tail, half moon, elephant ear, delta, and twin-tail. We also have a 10 gallon tank where we keep our Female Bettas. We have everything you need for a complete betta set-up including various bowls and small betta tanks, premium pellet and flake food, water chemicals, decorations, and much more! Need a large order of bettas? 25? 50? 100? We can get that too!

Live Plants

We have a 60 gallon plant unit that is equipped with an excellent filtration system and has many years of good built up live bacteria so the plants can thrive. There is also a built in Halogen Lamp hanging 7ft tall for maximum lighting efficiency. We carry anacharis, cabomba, and hornwort in a large supply and various other rooted and bare root plants. You will also find amazon sword, java fern, banana plants, and moss balls on occasion. All of our bundled live plants come with a non-toxic plant weight. Our pond plants consist of water lettuce, water lily, parrots feather, and duckweed. Need plant chemicals? We carry Seachem Flourish products.


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